Our General Secretary

Our General Secretary

“SANGRAM” as an organization which was started by Vanoo in 1990, constitutes members mainly tribals residing in and aroundVanoo the Similpal Forest Range formed a “Green Brigade” to protect the Forest from Timber Mafia and Poachers. The success of the Green Brigade lead the Forest Department to recruit its members as “SIMILIPAL TIGER PROTECTION FORCE” thereby providing a governmental seal to implement their work. Initially “SANGRAM” had a low visibility but with its ongoing work for the environment specially the SimilipalForest it has potentially been an high impact Campaign having an incredible effect on the wild life of Similipal Tiger Reserve.

For his dedicated service to the Environment and Forest to which he has not only devoted his youth but his soul, he has been inducted, as a honorary member of the Rotary Club of Baripada.

Trekking along the boulders strewn rivulets  and the thick foliage of the Similipal Forest his concern for the conservation of Environment and Forest Seldom has an happy ending, there is hardly any victories its just frustration, embarrassment and departmental apathy however one does steer things the right way. He along with his team members have hounded the timber mafia and poachers. In the ForestRange, the sound of saws and Axe have greatly been silenced by this endeavour.

Having traversed every remote wilderness of Similipal Forest Range he was instrumental in apprehending a group of five international poachers of Manipuri origin inside the forest range, guns and other contraband were seized from them.

Driven by a strong sense of believe that nature is a self healing phenomenon and should be left untouched which will automatically heal the wounded planet. “SIMILIPAL SURAKHYA AVIJAN MANCH” was instituted to teach the villagers on the importance of safeguarding the Similipal Forest Cover. Regular awareness camps are organized amongst the tribals and the local “SELF HELP GROUP” (SHG) to safe guard the Environment and Forest cover.

Be it wild life Crime detection or protecting the Similipal Forest Range he has risked himself in the hands of powerful wildlife mafia. In the process frivolously concorted legal proceedings have been initiated against him and in most cases he has been proved innocent and has been honorably acquitted by the court.

Building up a good rapport with the forest officials and looking into their day to day affairs has established him as a pillar of faith amongst the officials. Which has resulted in selecting him as the president of the workers Union of Orissa Forest Development Corporation (OFDC) uninterrupted for the last 14 (fourteen) years.

He has organised various press meets to share the developments of Similipal Forest, the latest being on Jul 27 2009 where in national and International reporters were garnered at Bhubaneswar to make them aware of the rampant loot of the Similipal Forest by the Poachers and Timber mafia after the Maoist attack on the infrastructure of the forest department inside the Similipal Forest.

As an Environmentalist of Mayurbhanj his sincere work has a tremendous impact on the Similipal Biosphere, for his surveys and fact finding mission remains a gold standard of the Similipal Forest Range. This is why he has been deputed by the Regional Chief Conservator of Forest to enquire into Elephant poaching, Ivory smuggling and illegal Timber trade.

Gifted with an infectious warmth sense of honor and utter zest of life his job concentrates to work assiduously towards the preposition that all cubs born reach adulthood and are given every chance to raise their descendants to roam the vast expense of Similipal Forest.

Specific Instances:

Appreciating the gifts of nature and helping to safeguard it for the future generation he enjoys the shrill trumpet of the elephants and the roar of the tiger in the wild. Being a die hard environmentalist he has never deterred to take the first leap to intercept the Timber Mafia and the poachers.

  1. Apprehending 01(one) nos. Leopard skin from village Ambdali under pithabata Range in 2007.
  2. Seizure of 02(two) nos. Leopard skin from village Jadunathpur under Dukura Range -2008.
  3. 01 nos. Leopard skin from village Nabra under Udala Range-2008.
  4. Seizure of Bear Skin and Sambar Skin from village Besarpani under Dukura Range. 6th June 2005.
  5. Seizure of 08(eight) nos. of Ivory tusk from Udala Pithabata & Jenabil on 2000, 2007 & 2009.
  6. 05(Five) Manipuri National who were later detected to be International Elephant poachers were apprehended and caught by me and my associates from the Similipal Forest in 1992.
  7. Seizure of 9 kg 200gm Ivory from village Hinjalgadia under Dukura Range on 3rd Feb 1999.
  8. Skin- Meat of 05(five) Barking Deer and 01(one) Mouse Deer from village Ambadai under Pithabata Range on 15.06.10.
  9. On numerous occasion contraband Timber measuring almost 8000 cft has been apprehended by me.
  10. After the last elephant census by the Forest Department I embarked on a tour to see for my self the real facts Inside the Forest Range. It was discovered that rampant Jumbo poaching has been done , my finding s was shared with a huge cross section of people  and the media which forced the Regional Chief Conservator of Forest to officially appoint a (02) two member team which included me to carry out a detail survey.

As the issue was widely reported in the print and electronic media- Bilinda Wrights of NTCA along with Biswajit Mohanty visited the Similipal Forest to take stock of the ground realities.

Awards & Felicitations:

  1. PRAKRUTI BANDHU PURASKAR– 2002-03 constituted by Govt. of Orissa- Deptt. Of Forest & Environment for Protecting the Environments.
  2. Certificate of Appreciation 2002-03 by The Forest Department, Govt. of Orissa for contributing to protection  Conservation of Forest and wild Life.
  3. Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab Sahitya Academy State Level Award – 2005- For Protection & Contribution to the Environment.
  4. Similipal Sri Sambhardhana 2008- For Contribution to safeguard The Similipal Forest Range.
  5. PRAKRUTI MITRA PURASKAR- 2009-10 Award to Sangram – for its unparallel contribution to the Protection of the Environment.