Stray Animals Care

    Sangram also shouldered a herculean task by feeding the stray Animals in Baripada Municipal area during covid-19 Pandemic, in association with Mayurbhanj District Administration. This apart, feeding the stray dogs and treatment of stray carnivore and herbivore in distress are under the regular routine activity of Sangram since last eleven years.


    Stray Animal Care Helpline & Ambulance supported by FARDD

    Distribution of cooked food to the stray animals during COVID-19, supported by Baripada Municipality and District Adminsitration Mayurbhanj

    Sangram, in association with Baripada Municipality and District Administration, Mayurbhanj, set a benchmark in serving the society by distributing cooked food among the stray animals during the COVID-19 pandemic in year 2020-2021 Cooked food distribution vehicle roaming in the city of Baripada during COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021 Cooked food materials meant for feeding the stray [...]

    Stray Animals Care

    Mr. Vanoo mitra acharya, secretary, sangram, rescued a stray puppy in distress and assisting the veterinary surgeon for its treatment. Mr. Vanoo mitra acharya, secretary, sangram, during x-ray of a stray dog who sustend grave injuries in an accident. Mr. Vanoo mitra acharya,secretary, sangram, led an enquiry team of forest department officials, working on a [...]