About Us

About Us

SANGRAM is a Volunteer Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act (No,XXI 0f 1860) at Baripada , Mayurbhanj , Odisha , India, established on 13th April 1995 by environmentalist Mr. Vanoo Mitra Acharya and Ms. Sanjukta Basa. It is also registered with Income Tax under section 12A bearing no. 712/27-2013-2014 and the FCRA Registration is going on. SANGRAM works in the filed of Wild Life Conservation.


In 1990, wild-life activist and environmentalist Vanoo Mitra Acharya was working to protect Similipal forest from timber Mafia and poachers with support of tribal youths headed by.

Learning nature is useful and fascinating subject and that despite everything man has discovered, we know little about some of the miracles that the forest extents to us , to the world and the universe beyond.

SANGRAM developed a vibrant team GREEN BRIGADE” comprising the youth drawn from in and around of Similipal to bring a revolutionary ecological change and to generate a sense of awareness on the depleting flora and fauna of Similipal forest.

These volunteers are committed and are working as development agent and watch dog for the save guard of forest cover. The untiring work of the volunteer has  restricted smuggling of forest produce and immensely  saved the wild life from the poachers . In the span of seventeen  years  we have covered almost   hundred villages doting the  periphery of  Similipal,  various development programmes  has been initiated through  these volunteers  and  existing community based organisation(CBO’s). Appreciating the work of our volunteers working as, ‘GREEN BRIGADE’, the forest department has rendered the service of these youths and has employed them as SIMILIPAL TIGER PROTECTION FORCE (STPF).