Appreciation by Forest department

Facing all odd being led by our die hard secretary Mr. Vanoo Mitra Acharya – seizure of timber, Tiger skin , ivory has been well appreciated, recorded and highlighted by the Forest Dept. and also  in print and Electronic Media.

Similipal Tiger Protection Force

Appreciating the selfless work of the volunteers of SANGRAM, the Forest Department, Govt. of Odisha has employed 1018 of our youth as Similipal Tiger Protection Force (STPF) with a consolidated wages.

Pakruti Mitra Award

Pakruti Mitra Award – a prestigious award for environment protection conferred on SANGRAM in the year 2010 by Department of Environment and Forest, Govt. of Odisha.

Ms. Sanjukta Basa as the Honorary Wildlife Warden

Ms. Sanjukta Basa , the chair-person of SANGRAM remains to adore the chair of Honorary Wildlife Warden since 2006

Mr. Vanoomitra Acharya has been appointed as the Honorary Wild Life Warden

Our Former secretary Mr. Vanoo Mitra Acharya has been appointed as Honorary Wildlife Warden in appreciation of his contribution to Similipal Tiger Reserve by the Forest Dept. Govt. of Odisha.