Forest & Wildlife Conservation

    Our Area of Activity: Simlipal Biosphere Reserve

    Forest and Wildlife protection and   conservation is our prime focus area. We initiated an integrated and sustainable development programme for forest, wildlife and forest dwellers by involving the communities. Awareness, Motivation and Coordination are key areas in this context. 


    We involve with local tribal leaders and CBOs (SHGs, PRIs, Youth Clubs, Farmers Consortiums) to create awareness by organizing meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops in regular interval. We make the communities habituated with the practice of conservation by striking a balance between their livelihood, social Justice and religious traditions.

    Forest fire, which create massive devastation to the flora and fauna and destroyed natural habitation of wildlife, we create awareness in the communities to check the menace.

    We Focused on a three stair counselling programme such as  counselling at school level by conducting various environment related competitions and activities, counselling  at family  and individual level.

    Undergoing Projects


    It involves conducting Panchayat level meetings for conservation of the forest in the foothill of Simlipal Biosphere Reserve (SBR).

    During migration of elephants from neighboring state, due to massive mining and lack of natural habitations, man and animal conflicts have become headache for concern Govt. departments. Sangram plays a significant role to reduce the conflicts by conducting frequent awareness programs.

    We also carry out celebration of various national and international days for wildlife by conducting Rallies, street-plays and various competitions among the students and meetings with the tribal priests to create awareness regarding their holy worship palace called “Jahira” and their traditional worship practices that relates them with the Nature.

    We check hunting and felling by frequent counselling and converting the poachers and illegal timber traffickers into protector and informers under the Program ‘PRATYABARTAN’. As a result the age old practice of ritual mass hunting is almost abolished.

    Undergoing Projects


    Sangram plays a catalytic role by expediting the process of compensation for life loss and damage caused by the wild animal aggression.

    It involves facilitating the village dwellers to get their benefits from the department of forest on timely manners, assisting the field officers of the department of forest in strengthening their skills and activities in village level, creating awareness among the villagers regarding various Govt. Schemes and facilities from the line departments. and linking the Government with the villagers to solve their various problems in day-to-day manner.

    Undergoing Projects